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Age-of-sail historical discussion
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This is a community for the discussion of actual history related to Age of Sail fandoms such as Hornblower, Master and Commander, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Other non-naval fandoms of the same period (especially rare lit fandoms, historical RPS, and other 18th/19th century military fandoms) may also be discussed.

This is a slash-friendly community, and content may be adult in nature.

Topics of discussion may include, but are not limited to: tall ships and sailing, naval battles and tactics, costume, culture, etiquette, history of sexuality, crime and punishment, food and drink, literature and poetry, politics, religion, health and medicine, famous people, etc etc etc. History-related fannish meta is also welcome.

Links to fanfic etc are not welcome on this community unless they are accompanied with a discussion of the actual history relevant to the work. For instance, if you had to research the history of the grog ration for your Hornblower fic, tell us a bit about that along with your fic link. Keep it educational, in other words.

NEW MEMBERS: Upon joining, please post an introduction as follows:

* Your favourite historical fandom(s) - and tell us why
* A book or website recommendation related to age-of-sail history
* An interesting historical fact from the age of sail
* A historical question you've been dying to know the answer to

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